Although this winter has been an unusually warm one, the nights and early mornings are when you really feel the winter cold. Here are a few ways you can keep your home warm this winter.

Work with the Sun

When the sun is out during the day, it’s important to keep your blinds and curtains open to let the sun in. The sun will heat your windows and in turn, pass into your home.

Conversely, make sure to close your curtains and blinds as soon as the sun stops hitting the window, so you don’t lose any heat. Heavy weighted curtains will help you keep your house warm in the winter while keeping the heat out in the summer – win-win!

Don’t Block the Heat

It might seem like a great idea to put your couch by a room heater to keep you toasty while watching TV, but it will actually end up costing you more money.

The couch will absorb a large amount of the outgoing heat, preventing the room and your body from getting the same effect. You will end up needing to run the heater for a longer time to get the room as warm.

Same goes for drying your clothes near the heater or setting the heater close to any curtains or other furniture.

Dress It Up

Not only can a rug improve the look of a room, but it can also benefit greatly in the winter days. That extra layer between the cold floor and your feet can make the biggest difference.

The same goes for any draft coming from windows and doors. Weatherstrips and door snakes will act as clothing for your home, keeping you warm.

Put it in Reverse

Did you know that your ceiling fan has a reverse button? There is a small switch on every fan that reverses the spin of the fan which comes in handy in the winter!

As hot air rises, the reverse flow of the fan will circulate that air, heating your room.

Cook up a Storm

Thankfully, most winter foods involve baking and boiling. Although you should never use your oven to heat your home, the residual heat during cooking will do just as well!

Furthermore, the steam from boiling soups and stews will increase the much-needed humidity in the winter.

Winter Check-Ups

It’s always important to regularly service your room heaters and hot water heaters, especially in winter when we rely on them so much. Periodical servicing ensures that the system is operating correctly and safely, ensuring normal wear and tear doesn’t escalate into a more serious and expensive issue. Servicing also increases the longevity of the unit.

Make sure to schedule maintenance every winter to keep you warm when you need it most. Take advantage of our double deal servicing on now! Call 02 9958 5858 for more details.

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